The Standard Barbershop is pleased to offer the following services to our customers:

Hair Cut from $40

Our barbers custom cut your hair to fit your head shape and listen to your special requests so you walk away more than satisfied with your visit.

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Beard Trim from $40

A haircut for your beard which includes shaping, trimming and straight razor shave to outline and clean up all the areas without hair to highlight your awesome beard. (w/o straight razor shave $28)

NOTE: to lumberjacks and people with manly beards-we know that you don't like your beard cut short, but you need to clean up the stragglers so you look smooth.

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Straight Razor Shave from $40

Done the old fashioned way - Straight razor, hot towels and hot lather with an aftershave to finish it off.

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Buzz Cut from $25

Even all around, shape up not included but we'll still shave your hairy neck.

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Head Shave $40

Same as our straight razor shave, but for your noggin.


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Neck Trim from $10

Straight razor to the nape of the neck -  Complimentary with any standard services.

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