The Standard Barbershop opened its doors in February, 2015. Our goal was to bring the barbershop back to the people.

Tired of your barber not listening? Tired of the same old cut? Does your barber just use clippers?

We, at The Standard, believe that the haircut makes the man. If you go to a $5 cut and clip place, then what does that say about you? We want to provide the best hair cut experience and bring it back to the way it used to be done. Quality is what we always come back to. The kind of cut and shave your grandfather would get. The feel of the warm towel, and skill of the barber, the precision cut and angle of the straight edge razor. This has been lost and we want to bring it back.

Check out our services and make your next appointment with us. You’ll be glad you did. And so will your girlfriend, or your wife…or both!


The Crew




Originally from Maryland, Tommy studied under Simon V. “Cy” Avara, a Barber Hall of Fame member located in Baltimore. He later moved to the Northern Virginia area to be the master trainer for The Art of Shaving of the mid-Atlantic region and has been featured in several news publications. Gaining a very strong following, he decided to open The Standard in 2015 which has now become a staple for the local community.
Tommy specializes in haircuts, shaves, and anything regarding food. When he’s not cutting hair at The Standard, he can be found at poker table reading minds or maintaining his Pro Skinny Dipping record.


A NOVA native, Andee started out in the corporate cosmetic industry, then moved on to start her own freelance special effects and special occasion make up company. She eventually found herself licensed to do hair, and fell in love with the history and the art of barbering.

When she’s not cutting hair, Andee can be found watching cat videos with her kittens, Arabica & Sumatra, or judging Mickey Rourke look alike competitions. (His early years!)



Initially a client of The Standard’s owner Tommy, Frank became determined to become a barber and a future crew member with Tommy’s guidance and mentorship. Frank continues to stay motivated as hell and makes sure he soaks up all the classic techniques and fine details. “As a person born with an oddly shaped, large head and TWO swirly cowlicks – I have found a knack for making wild-haired follicles behave. He love both ends of the spectrum of classic cuts, whether it is a skin fade or slick back pompadour. Favorite things: sneaker addict, professional rasslin’, all Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, poker, daily fantasy sports, Popeyes Chicken.


Inyoung may be soft spoken, but her work speaks for itself. When she’s not watching Marvel movies or spending her time outdoors, she is always wanting to learn more about the barbering world – Never settling with her work and constantly wanting to improve.

When asked how she came into the industry, she answered: “Because I was once a picky customer myself and knew that in order to be a great barber, you had to listen and have a passion for hair.”



As a child he had an affinity for barbering especially at a young age when his mother caught him styling and cutting the neighborhood dog’s hair. Marco has been in the industry for several years but prior to his job at The Standard, Marco’s history is unknown. He just showed up in the shop with all his tools and got to cutting, since then he has become an important part of the team here at The Standard and his loyal clientele base shows that.

If he’s not at work he spends his time making shave cream sculptures and collects antique tin cans…. he currently up to 14 cans.



Amelia, joins the Standard Barbershop family with six years of experience in the industry, ranging from straight razor shaves, fine textured hair, to long scissor cuts. With her quirky sense of humor and welcoming friendly demeanor, anyone who sits in her chair is sure to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Amelia spends her spare time with her son, exploring, and adding to her collection of stylish hats.



One night in Virginia Beach there was a great disturbance; the waves grew higher, aquatic life was acting funny and this was when an old sea Captian named Shamus and his wife Dorcus found a small baby in a boat.

This is the beginning of Lance’s story. He grew up like any other kid with enjoying skateboarding, punk music, competitive eating. As an adult he needed a new outlet during a difficult period in his life. That is when he picked up a pair of clippers and realized he had a passion for the craft of barbering. Lance eventually found his way to The Standard and wishes to continue his enthusiasm by creating fresh ass cuts.



Vanessa has followed in her mother’s footsteps as a professional stylist and has been cutting both men and women for the past ten years at several locations of the DMV area. Most recently, she has become fascinated with the techniques of professional barbering and is now transitioning her skills to the barber world.

Learning from the The Standard crew has allowed her to combine the best of her worlds: modernized styles and precision barbering.



Patrick recently moved from Florida and has been cutting his own hair for several years. Friends and family started asking for haircuts so he decided to get his barbers license.

Recently he found out that his grandfather owned a barbershop in the Philippines back in the day and it has inspired him even more to continue his career path in pursuing barbering. Now he is here in the DMV area ready to follow his grandfathers footstep.



The first thing one notices about him is his epic mustache. It’s a multi-award winning mustache, it was even featured in many movies. But like most stars his mustache fell, and fell hard from having issues as well as doing a small stint in adult films for money (Ride This Stache & Ride This Stache 2). One morning, he and his mustache woke up wearing nothing but a poncho, a sombrero, and had a tattoo on his ass of a small town in China. It was this moment that Kurtis knew things had to turn around for his mustache.

Kurtis went on to do great things in his barbering career. From traveling to train barbers around the country, guest spotting all over the world, and even becoming a Scumbassador for Reuzel. Kurtis is now at home where his mustache leads a happy, humble, and proud life.



When she’s not wrangling the barbers or playing with Sega, you can find Alina wherever there is tasty pizza and good friends. Having celebrated her one year with the Standard family in October, Alina lives in a world of close shaves, dope-ass fades, and awesome people.

Official Greeter

Who is Sega? He has overcome impossible odds, withstood inconceivable pain, and tread through the very fires of hell on the long road to fulfill his destiny: Official Greeter at The Standard Barbershop. This sweet boy came home with us from the Fairfax Animal Shelter and has been with us ever since.
Sega loves you. If he could, he’d grow a beard for you, style it, and transplant it onto your face. But he’ll have to settle for showing you his love the only way he knows how, saying hi to you at the door, bringing you his favorite toy, and nuzzling you with his gigantic head.
Sega’s favorite things are licking bare knees, treats, water bottles and of course, YOUR company!